About Me

I grew up with a piano in my house, so I started plinking on it at a very early age. I played my first recital at age 12, joined my first rock band at age 18 and began writing my own music at age 20. I never achieved much in the way of technical skill, but I've never lost the desire to create music, so I've tried not to let my technical shortcomings as a keyboard player impede my creative process. Composing, then, is my true passion.

My Music

Along the way, many artists have served as inspiration for my own creative endeavors. Early on, I was influenced by Pink Floyd, Rush, Journey, The Cars and R.E.O. Speedwagon. Around 1984, on a desert climbing adventure, a rock climbing legend introduced me to Tangerine Dream and my musical interests were forever altered. Around 1990 I discovered the work of Steve Roach, Richard Burmer, and Robert Rich. I'd never heard anything like that in my life. Later I would learn of many more extremely creative individuals, such as Vidna Obmana, Eric Wollo and Byron Metcalf, to name but only a few.

These people, along with many others, have served and continue to serve as a profound influence, not only in my own musical efforts, but in my life. Music is an escape for me. It is my sanctuary and it is essentially how I pray, how I purge my demons, and how I lament. It is a deeply personal experience for me, but one that brings me joy to share with anyone who wishes to listen.





Linticular clouds near El Paso, TX. Photo by Hollan Holmes