Electronic music has been an interest of mine since the early Eighties, when I discovered Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and, in the late Eighties, Steve Roach, Richard Burmer and so many others. With the advent of massive leaps in technology and the ability to create very high quality music in an affordable home studio, I had no excuses not to explore. It is here, then, that I share with you my journey.



the spirits of starlight

CDcover for "Phase Shift" - by Hollan Holmes

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January 24 2015

I just realized that I haven't posted here in half a year! Ridiculous. Most of my online activity takes place over at my Facebook page, but I'll try to keep up here on a more regular basis.

Anyway, yeah, a new year is here and I'm staying quite busy with more music. My next release, Afterlight, will be released sometime in March, if all goes well. I'll keep you posted, of course. It goes into mastering in a few days.

This year will also see some additional music videos from me, this time featuring some live action nature footage, which I'll share later in the year, as these videos come to fruition following the release of Afterlight.

On a sad note, Edgar Froese, founding member of Tangerine Dream, has passed away at the age of 70. I count Tangerine Dream among the major influences on my own electronic music path. Rest in peace, Edgar and thank you for your gift to the world.

On a happier note, my album, The Spirits Of Starlight, made it in at number 30 on One World Music's Top 100. I'm honored and thrilled, of course.




July 21 2014

Bert Strolenberg has just written a very positive review of The Spirits Of Starlight and given it the highest rating he has ever given me. I'm deeply honored for that. You can read it over at his site, Sonic Immersion.




July 01 2014

A long-awaited day has finally arrived... The Spirits Of Starlight is now available, currently only through BandCamp and CD Baby, but iTunes, Amazon, etc. soon.






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