Electronic music has been an interest of mine since the early Eighties, when I discovered Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and, in the late Eighties, Steve Roach, Richard Burmer and so many others. With the advent of massive leaps in technology and the ability to create very high quality music in an affordable home studio, I had no excuses not to explore. It is here, then, that I share with you my journey.



phase shift

CDcover for "Phase Shift" - by Hollan Holmes

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December 3, 2013

My CD, Phase Shift, has been nominated for One World Music's 2013 Electronic Album Of The Year. You can cast your vote here.

Work continues on my fourth release and I'm probably looking at a Spring release date. Nothing in stone yet, but I like where it's going.


August 7, 2013

I took one of my experiments in Adobe After Effects, using two Trapcode plugins, Mir and Particular, and made with it a music video, featuring the song, "Lost Memories" from my Phase Shift CD. You can see it here.


July 28, 2013

"Zero Point Energy", the first track on my CD, The Farthest Fringes, is now in video form on Youtube.


July 20, 2013

"Morphogenesis", a track from my latest CD, Phase Shift, appears on this week's Hearts Of Space radio program, entitled Solar Winds.


June 6, 2013

Ambient music critic John Shanahan of Hypnagoge fame, has written a very warm review of my latest CD, Phase Shift. It can be read over at Hypnagogue.

Work continues on my fourth album and I'm very pleased with the direction things are going. Too soon to tell when I'll have it done. That goal is always floating. Hard deadlines stress me out. I'll release it...when it's finished. ;-)